The Key to IELTS Writing Task 2
17th May 2020

Worksheets for The Key to IELTS Writing Task 2 Course book. Click on the links below to download pdfs of the worksheets: Section 1: Developing task 2 skills Worksheets for Lessons 1 to 5  Worksheets for lessons 6 to 10 Section 2: Test practice Worksheets for Lessons 11 to 15 Worksheets for Lessons 16 to 20  …

18th April 2019

This post will clarify what I mean when I advise band 6.5 candidates to ‘discuss both sides’, and help you to understand when and where to write a counter-argument. I often find my advice about ‘discussing both sides’ being misunderstood or misinterpreted. Some people mistakenly believe that when I say that ‘you must always discuss…

16th November 2018

Discussing Problems and solutions and advantages and disadvantages I am often asked ‘How should I answer questions about problems and solutions, or questions where we need to say whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?”  The questions I’m asked often focus on numbers: ”How many paragraphs should write? Can I write about just one advantage and one…

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