My videos, talks, and webinars

Nov 5, 2015

Pauline Cullen Author

My videos, talks, and webinars

Nov 5, 2015

These videos will help you to understand how the IELTS test works and give you helpful tips about how to improve your score. 

Webinar:How to improve your IELTS Scorethis video is of a webinar I gave in 2014 and talks about every part of the test. 

Webinar: How to score well in the IELTS writing Testthis video shows a second webinar in which I talk about the writing test

Video: How to score IELTS Band 7 this video focuses on how to score band 7 in the writing test

Video: How to manage your time in the IELTS reading test – this video looks at the reading test

Video: My Vocabulary teaching app – this video shows how my vocabulary app works

Video: Why is there so much confusion about True/False/Not Given? – This video explains the main confusion with T/F/NG and shows you how to answer these questions. 

How my IELTS Vocabulary teaching apps work: This video answers the most common queries about my apps including how to change topic and adjust the sound



  1. Trinh Thuy Dao

    Dear Cullen,
    I have purchased an app Cullen Vocabulary 7+ on App store but I could not listen to the sound from exercises in the app. Can you please tell me why and how to fix this problem.

    Thank you

    • Pauline

      Thank you for buying my app! I am in the process of updating both apps (the new version will be launched in a day to two). In the meantime, the sound issue is usually fixed by using headphones (on Apple phones). Also make sure you have sound switched on for the app. This video shows how to use it:



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