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My #IELTS Band 7+ and 8+ apps apps are available from iTunes and on google play. 

How the app works:

The app is designed to help increase your active vocabulary for IELTS, so that you can remember words when you need to use them in the IELTS speaking and writing test.  The app will also help you to improve your listening and speaking scores by helping you to increase your speed reading and helping you to quickly recognise words. In each app, you will learn 250 words as well as their synonyms. The words are divided into topics and there are 10 exercises to help you learn to recognise and use the words. (Scroll down to watch the video).


Watch the video to see the app in action:

Feedback from users:

‘Awesome!!!!! This app is a must for any IELTS aspirant.’

“I am in love with this app.”

‘These words are repeatedly seen in the exam. The app will also help you memorise and master the use of these words.’

Buy the app now in the iTunes or Google Play store:

Apple devices – iTunes store:

For Bands 7+
For Bands 8+






Android devices – Google Playstore:

For Bands 7+
For Bands 8+






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