The Key to IELTS Speaking

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  • Interactive ebook – immediate online access – interactive exercises and audio
  • Lessons 1 to 4 available now – more lessons added regularly
  • Lesson 1 clears up myths about IELTS Speaking and helps you think like an examiner
  • Lessons 2 and 3 look at pronunciation – a key problem separating the lower and higher bands
  • Lesson 4 looks at problems in Fluency and coherence and how to solve them
  • Lessons 5, 6 and 7 will follow soon
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This online course will help you finally get band 7 to 9 in IELTS Speaking. Begin studying Lessons 1 to 4 now. More lessons will be added regularly.

2 reviews for The Key to IELTS Speaking

  1. Mohammadbagher soltanizadeh (verified owner)

    Hi Pauline,

    I’ve been reading your new book and think it’s great. However, I have a question. In your book, you oppose certain techniques like the three-sentence structure in Part 3. While I agree that maintaining a natural flow is important, I have personally found some techniques helpful. For example, the AREA method (Answer, Reason, Example, Alternative) or using “Firstly, secondly, finally.”

    These strategies sometimes help me stay coherent while answering questions on the spot. Is it wrong to follow this approach?

    • Admin (verified owner)

      Hello, in the later lessons I will look at expanding an answer – I agree with what you say here about ways to do that. The main issue I am referring to is that many people do not apply the ‘3-sentence’ advice well. Speaking is not writing but this advice leads people to ‘write’ (and learn) mini paragraph answers to use in speaking. I show examples of this and explain the problem it causes. Another issue is that the ‘Firstly, secondly finally’ advice is often given for Part 2 (where it is not appropriate). As I say, we will be working on expanding answers for Part 3 and giving reasons etc will definitely be part of it – the issue is when this remains an abstract idea that people then don’t know how to implement in their speaking – that is what I aim to address – making these abstract ideas more concrete and helpful.

  2. Quân Đặng (verified owner)

    I have already bought the book. I’d love to share the cost with 3 more people.

    Email me at:, if you want to share.

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