• Perspective & Experience

    What we write reflects our perspective and experiences in life. So, my own experiences as a language learner, language teacher, and test writer, all have an influence on the way that I write my IELTS preparation books.

  • Teaching a language

    I studied languages at university and qualified as a language teacher in 1985. I taught English as a Second Language until 1997 and was always drawn to teaching Cambridge exam classes. I became a Cambridge examiner in the early 1990s and taught IELTS classes when the test was first introduced in Australia, in 1992. I became an IELTS examiner in 1993, and then moved to writing test materials in 1995. The image below shows my very first Academic reading test passage.

  • Three hats

    When writing a book, you could say that I wear three hats: the hat of the language student, the language teacher, and the test writer. I aim to create the books I looked for as a teacher myself but could not find. I hope you will agree that my books, and those of the authors I have recommended, will give you everything you need to know about IELTS and for IELTS.

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