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The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

All the language skills that are essential for IELTS plus 8 practice tests.

The first half of the book teaches you the skills you need to master for IELTS reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The second half contains 8 complete practice tests written by the people who write the real IELTS test. The accompanying DVD has videos showing a real examiner interviewing candidates at different levels, so you can see how the speaking test works.


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Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced

Many people are able to reach band 7 or above in reading and listening but remain stuck at band 6 or 6.5 in writing and speaking. One of the key problems is the attempt to use vocabulary that is overly complex or technical, or that is too informal for the test.  This book will help build your active vocabulary so you do not waste time learning lists of words that are inappropriate for the test, and  you can finally improve your writing and speaking score.  The book shows you how and when to use the words within the context of authentic IELTS exercises and practice tests.


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Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

New Second edition with updated writing tasks and model answers! This is the perfect book for anyone, whether you are just starting to prepare for IELTS, or you are hoping to improve your score. Many people struggle to score band Band 6 or 6.5 in IELTS, and vocabulary is a large part of the problem. This book will teach you the right vocabulary for IELTS so you can feel more confident in all parts of the test.

Each unit contains IELTS reading, listening, speaking, and writing exercises to help practise using the vocabulary in different IELTS test situations. There are regular vocabulary tests and at the end of each unit to help review and improve recall of the words.


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Cambridge Grammar for IELTS

New Second edition with updated writing tasks and model answers! This is a great book for studying the basics of grammar in the context of IELTS. Each unit teachers a key grammar point and helps you understand then practise the grammar through authentic IELTS materials.


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Common mistakes at IELTS Intermediate

New Second edition with updated writing tasks and model answers! This book contains the most common mistakes made by candidates at band 6 in writing. Each unit identifies the mistake, teaches you the correct form, then helps you practise the language point. Through authentic IELTS practice exercises, you can test yourself to make sure you no longer make these common mistakes.



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IELTS Teacher – The Key to IELTS Success

This free book helps to dispel common myths about IELTS and shows you how to finally get the score you need. The book is based on 6 years on social media answering questions from both candidates and teachers, and helping to solve common IELTS problems.

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